Halloween Hunt Clue Cards - 2023

Halloween Hunt Clue Cards - 2023

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Our Halloween Hunt Clue Cards will make for a fun and challenging treasure hunt for the kids this year! With 16 clues, the clues will lead them around the house and provide them with an exciting and unique experience. Get the kids off their screens, and onto an  entertaining scavenger hunt this Halloween!

Size A7 
Clues are:-

  • Let the Halloween fun ignite, find the next clue where you sleep at _____! - Night - in and round their bed.
  • Head to where you freshen up and wash your face, search for the clue in this
    squeaky-clean place! - Bathroom mirror.
  • Amongst the books, where stories unwind. Look for your next clue,
    it's one of a kind! - In their favourite book.
  • Way up high or down below, maybe your next clue will be hidden where the water flows. - Kitchen or Bathroom sink.
  • Another clue, I wonder how many more? I think you should head to the
    cutlery ______. - Drawer - cutlery drawer.
  • Sweets and treats and all things nice, head to the place where you
    keep the ___. - Ice - freezer.
  • Ghosts are friendly and like to say boo, head to where you keep the sham___. - Shampoo - in the bathroom. 
  • Scary monsters make you shudder, for your next clue take a look
    where you keep the butter. - Fridge or butter dish.
  • Chocolate or sweets, which will you choose? I think your next clue is
    hiding in your ­_____. - Shoes.
  • Witches cackle and ghosts say boo, where you keep your socks
    you'll find your next clue. - Sock drawer.
  • If you were a clue where would you be? Perhaps where the grown ups
    make their tea. - Tea canister. 
  • Hurry now and don't be slow, your next clue is hiding where you sit to watch your favourite tv ____. - Show - on the sofa.
  • On Halloween the moon shines so bright, your next clue is hiding where the grown ups sleep at night. - Parents bed.
  • What's that sound 'tick tock, tick tock', I think there's something hiding
    behind the _____. - Clock.
  • This clue is sent with Halloween wishes, go to the place where you
    put the dirty ______. - Dishes - dishwasher or by the side of the sink. 
  • Congratulations you have found your last clue! So here’s some spooky treats just for you!


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