Auntie's Day Gift Set

Auntie's Day Gift Set

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Why not surprise an Auntie with this beautiful gift, this unique gift includes an acrylic hanging auntie decoration and photo card allowing you to spread the love. 

Acrylic hanging decoration size 75mm and photo card is a flat A6 card with envelope


Version - Choose if you would like it wording from 1 child or more than 1 child

Name - This is who the gift is from i.e Auntie Sarah etc

From Message - This is who the gift is from i.e Love from Florence xx

The short poem 'Here's a little something I've sent your way, just because it's National Auntie's Day' is automatic

  • We will print EXACTLY what you write in the 'names' box
  • If you want to send one to more than one address you will need to do an order for each delivery address
  • We do not send invoices with the package, this is emailed to you so your recipient won't be able to see pricing
  • Rainbow and wooden backdrop in image are photo props and not included


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