2023 Easter Egg Hunt

2023 Easter Egg Hunt

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These hunt cards are perfect for you to create some Easter fun around the house with your little ones.  You can leave some Easter treats at the end or along the way whatever you choose.  

15 clue cards with a front cover explanation card from the Easter Bunny.
A6 sized

Add some more magic to your hunt with our personalised postcard from the Easter Bunny available direct on our website here

Clues are:-

  • FRONT CARD - I've been to visit you today, I've dropped some eggs along the way... Follow the clues, you need to be wise, as every clue leads to a prize. Good Luck, The Easter Bunny
  • 10-1= _. Go take a look where you sleep at bed_ _ _ _
  • I hope you’re having fun and you’re in a good mood, head to the place where you eat your food.
  • Oh my! You’ve already found a few, but let’s see if you can find the one
    hiding in your _ _ _ _
  • Look at you go, you’re as fast as a fox. I bet you can find the next clue where you keep your _ _ _ _ _
  • This is thirsty work, time for a drink. Your next clue is waiting for you by the kitchen _ _ _ _
  • Tick Tock, Tick Tock, you’re not finished yet. Head to the place where you might get wet.
  • You’re doing great, you’re heading for gold. Let’s take a look where the food is kept _ _ _ _
  • Want your next clue? I know where to look. It might just be hiding in your favourite book.
  • I have a little pink nose and a white fluffy tail. I think the next clue could be hiding where you get your mail.
  • If you were a clue, where would you be? Perhaps you would be hiding where you keep a key?
  • This one should be easy to see, it’s hidden just behind the _ _
  • Hurry now, it’s time to rush. The next clue is hiding near your toothbrush.
  • This clue is sent with Easter wishes,
    go take a look where you put the dirty_ _ _ _ _ _
  • Quick quick, off you go. Look in a coat pocket and don’t be slow.
  • LAST CARD - Congratulations your search is done, I hope this Easter is an egg-cellent one!

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