Valentine Hunt

Welcome to your Valentine's Hunt, below are the clues and the answers along with some suggestions from us. All of these are PG so you can include the family if you wish however you can adapt or add your own things, if you wish to spice things up. The 'surprise' at the end is completely up to you!
These clues are not in any particular order, the A6 postcard is your starting point, and we have an A7 final card. In between does not matter and is totally up to you.

- Being with you is so special to me, go to the place you make coffee and tea (A6 Personalised Postcard Clue)

We suggest you hide the next clue inside a tea or coffee canister or cupboard or near the kettle. (depending on what your partner drinks). 


- Riddle me this....To find the next hiding place, what is not a person but has hands and a face?

Answer: Clock


- It has no legs but it can run, head to this place......this is so much fun!

Answer: Water/Tap/Bath. This can be anywhere where there is running water, like a shower or a bath.


- elbats ti peek ot sgel ruof sah ti
elbat eht rednu si eulc txen eht

Answer: Table. This one is written backwards so you need to read from right to left


- This is thirsty work it’s time for a drink, the next clue is somewhere near the ____

Answer: Sink. This can be next to the kitchen sink, or en-suite sink, we suggest leaving a bottle or can of your partners drink next to this clue so they can have a drink while completing the hunt.


- I’m tall when I am young, I am short when I am old. What could I be? You need to know as the answer is near me.

Answer: Candle.


- Wordsearch Puzzle

Answers: 1. LOVE 2. KISS 3. YOU 4. HEART 5. SOUL 6. LIPS the leftover letters remaining spell out SOFA

After finding all the answers you are left with 4 letters, these spell out 'SOFA' you can hide your clue behind a cushion or underneath.


- Another riddle for my soul mate, off you hurry do not wait. If you find me in a road, you’ll have a decision to make. If you find me in a drawer, you’ll be ready to eat cake.

Answer: Fork, you can leave the clue inside the knife and fork drawer


- What loses it’s head in the morning but gets it back at night? Can this be where the next clue is? I think it might....

Answer: Pillow


- When cupids arrow strikes, things get flirty, head to the place where the clothes are _____

Answer: Dirty, you can either put your next clue in a laundry basket or maybe near the washing machine.


- Bread goes inside of me but never comes out. If I start smoking, you’re bound to shout!

Answer: Toaster


- Crossword Puzzle

Answers:  1. ROSE 2. VENUS 3. FEBRUARY 4. MINNIE highlighted answer is OVEN


- The more I dry, the wetter I get, hiding under here, you’ll find a clue my dear.

Answer: Towel


- If you drop me I am sure to crack, give me a smile and I will always smile back.

Answer: Mirror


- Code Breaker Puzzle

You need to use the code breaker key to decipher the code at the bottom

Answer: Under Bed


- Final Card - this card reads 'I hope you have had fun, your hunt is now done.
I just want to say Happy Valentines Day'

You will leave this card wherever the last clue points to along with your suprise whether it be a gift or even just yourself..... whatever you fancy! Make it as naughty or as nice as you like!