Easter Hunt 2024 Answers

This page will tell you all the answers to your Easter egg hunt clues.
  • Look high, look low, don’t forget the floor. Perhaps there’s a clue hiding behind the front door? - Front door.
    This clue is the starter clue for if you have purchased the personalised version of the Easter egg hunt.

  • Hurry now, let’s head in the direction where you can see your reflection - Mirror.
  • Too hot, too cold, get the water just right. The next clue is where you freshen up before calling it a night. - bath/shower.
  • Pop your head on me at night and I’ll keep you comfy until the morning light - Pillow.
  • Quick now, your next clue is waiting. Just follow the trail to where you might get Mail - Letterbox.
  • Let’s really think about all the places you can look, I wonder if you’ve checked inside your favourite book? - Inside a book.
  • Where could the next clue be hiding, let’s have a think. Perhaps it’s where you make a fresh drink? - Kitchen sink.
  • Have you done this before? You totally rock! Take a quick look behind the clock - Clock.
  • This next clue might have you scratching your head. Where could it be? Maybe under your bed? - Under their bed.
  • The Easter bunny brings lots of treats, find your next clue where you sit to eat - Table.
  • I make a beeping sound when I’m done. Hurry along now, this is so much fun - Microwave.
  • Let’s keep going, there’s so many clues. Have you checked in your shoes? - Shoes
  • Sometimes bunnies dig to make lots of holes. Do you think the next clue could be where you find the bowls? - Cupboard.
  • The Easter bunny is so magic he’s never been seen. To find your next clue take a look where your clothes get clean - Washing machine
  • My job is to keep your feet warm and I come in pairs. I can be kept anywhere but most of the time I’m upstairs - Socks
  • Final card - Congratulations! Your hunt is now done. I hope this Easter is an egg-cellent one!