Coronation Hunt Answers

Here are all the answers to your fun coronation treasure hunt:

As we watch the crown being placed on his head, maybe you can find the next clue under your ___ - BED

We are celebrating the coronation, your next clue is in a cold location. - FRIDGE/FREEZER

As the new king sits upon his chair, go take a look where you wash your ____ - HAIR (bath or shower)

As King Charles III receives his new crown, go take a look inside a dressing ____ - GOWN 

The kings horses are kept in a huge stable, your next clue is hiding under the
_____ - TABLE

Our new country will soon crown a new king and queen, see what you can find in the washing _______ - MACHINE 

Listen to the band play all those trumpets, head to the place you could toast some ________ - CRUMPETS (toaster)

As the carriages arrive and the horses trot, the next clue is waiting where you
make your food ___ - HOT (oven or mirowave)

Don’t be slow there is still lots to do, can you find the one hiding in your ____ - SHOE

The coronation will be something you haven’t seen before, why not take a look near your front ____ - DOOR

It’s the kings coronation, let’s have some fun. Look for your next clue
where water might ___ - RUN (tap)

This coronation hunt is nearly over, head to the place you sit on the ____  -SOFA

As the world watches and the crowds clap their hands, maybe take a look where you keep your pots & ____ - PANS

A suit of armour is made of metal, to know where to go next look near your ______ - KETTLE

Congratulations your hunt is now complete, you have definitely earned
a coronation treat.