Christmas Eve Hunt Answers 2023

  • Woo-hoo, the hunt begins with a cheer, look for a clue where the presents appear. - under the Christmas tree.
  • The next clue is hiding where you snuggle in tight, look for the clue where
    your dreams take flight. - under their pillow.
  • This next clue may make you think, head to where you make your favourite _____ - Drink - Kitchen sink.
  • Rudolph has a bright red nose, the next clue is hiding where you watch your favourite tv _____ - Shows - on the sofa/couch.
  • You're really good at this have you done it before? Take a look behind your bedroom ____ - Door.
  • Your next clue is hiding in a particular place, maybe head to where you
    can see your face. - Mirror.
  • Christmas time is just the best. Your next clue is hiding where the grown ups go to rest. - Parents bed.
  • Dasher the reindeer is so super quick, look in a book, which one will you pick? - Their favourite book. 
  • Naughty or nice list, which will it be? Find your next clue hidden in
    the Christmas ____ - Tree. 
  • We love Christmas dinner that’s so true, for your next clue maybe look inside your ____ - Shoe.
  • The nights are getting colder it may even snow, you’ll find your next clue where the water tends to ____ - Flow - sink/bath/shower.
  • Christmas Day is nearly here, so don't be slow. Find your next clue where the pots and pans go. - Pots and Pan cupboard.
  • So much excitement it’s hard to settle, the next clue is waiting for you by the ______ - Kettle.
  • I hope you’re having fun this hunt really rocks, look for the next clue where you keep your _____ - Socks - Sock drawer.