Christmas Eve Hunt Answers 2022

  • Bread goes inside of me, but never comes out. If I start smoking,
    you might want to shout! - Toaster
  • Rudolph has a bright red nose, your next clue is where you
    keep your _______ - Clothes
  • This one will be easy to see, it’s hidden just behind your
    Christmas ____ - Tree
  • This clue is sent with Christmas wishes, go take a look where you
    put your dirty ______ - Dishes
  • What loses its head in the morning but gets it back at night? Can this be where the next clue is? I think it might.... - Pillow
  • Hopefully you won't find this clue too hard, go look behind a
    Christmas ____ - Card
  • Great work so far but you are not done yet, the next clue is found where you get ___ - Wet
  • Blitzen the reindeer is super keen, you might find the next clue inside the washing _______ - Machine
  • Which list will you be on? Naughty or nice? Perhaps you’ll find the next clue where you can keep ___ - Ice
  • We love Christmas dinner that’s for certain, for your next clue look behind a _______ - Curtain
  • The nights are getting colder and Christmas is in the air, for your next clue you’ll find me under a _____- Chair
  • Christmas Day is nearly here, but there is no need to rush. Head to the place you keep your __________ - Toothbrush
  • This last clue will make you think, it’s hiding from you under the
    kitchen ____ - Sink
  • If you visit the North Pole, you might see an elf! So head to the place you look at yourself. -Mirror