Personalised Affirmation Cards
Personalised Affirmation Cards

Personalised Affirmation Cards

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Give the gift of self-love and positivity with our personalised pack of affirmation cards.

Let your friend, sister, daughter, cousin or literally anyone know how special they are.

Whether you know someone who needs a boost of confidence, is starting their exams, in need of a reminder of their inner strength or a dose of motivation or starting high school these personalised affirmation cards are a meaningful and thoughtful gift.



PLEASE NOTE - we print exactly what you type in the box 

Your name - this is your name (max characters 12) 
Recipient name - this is who the box is for (max characters 12) 
Age of recipient - this must be a number (max characters 2) 
Birth month of recipient - please select month from drop down
The recipient is an amazing...  - use a word to finish the sentence such as friend, Cousin, teacher, nurse, Sister, Mum, best Friend etc  (max characters 12) 
One word to describe the recipient - you can use any word that describes the recipient such as loyal, funny, caring etc (max characters 12) 

If any of your characters are over the maximum threshold please contact us before ordering.


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