Elf On The Shelf For Busy Parents: Quick And Easy Ideas

The holiday season can be a whirlwind of activity, especially for busy parents juggling work, family, and festive preparations. Amid the chaos, keeping up with your Elf on the Shelf's daily antics may seem like an added challenge. However, fear not, because in today’s blog, we've got you covered with some quick and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas that will sprinkle magic into your holiday season without adding stress to your schedule.

The Elf's "Magical" Pyjama Party

Place your Elf in a circle of miniature stuffed animals, dolls, or action figures, with a note suggesting that they had a "magical" pyjama party overnight. The Elf can be sporting a tiny pair of doll-sized pyjamas for added cuteness.

Elf's Game Night

Have your Elf arrange a board game or card game with some toys as "players." Leave a note inviting your child to join in on the fun later in the day.

Elf's Gift Wrapping Workshop

Set up a small gift-wrapping station with tiny presents, wrapping paper, and a miniature pair of scissors. Your Elf can appear to be in the middle of wrapping gifts, accompanied by a note mentioning their holiday preparations.

Elf's "Masterpiece"

Supply your Elf with a few washable markers and a blank piece of paper. Leave a note saying that your Elf wanted to create a masterpiece, and now it's up to your child to finish the artwork. This simple idea encourages creativity.

Elf's Sweet Tooth

Position your Elf near a bowl of candy canes or chocolates, with a note playfully blaming your Elf for having a sweet tooth. You can even include a small treat for your child.

Elf's Photo Shoot

Position your Elf near the family photo album or a mini camera with a note saying they wanted to take some festive photos to remember the holiday season. Your child can add their own pictures later.

Elf's Marshmallow Bath

Place your Elf in a small bowl filled with mini marshmallows, as if they're taking a marshmallow bath. Add a tiny washcloth for a cute touch and leave a note about your Elf's cosy bath.

Elf's Movie Night

Set up a small movie night scene with popcorn, a tiny TV or tablet (crafted from cardboard), and your Elf holding a tiny remote. Your child can pick a holiday movie to watch later in the evening.

Elf's Gift Wrapping Mishap

Set up a situation where your Elf is surrounded by rolls of wrapping paper, tape, and tangled ribbon. Leave a humorous note about their gift-wrapping struggles.

Elf's Balloon Ride

Have your Elf "ride" a helium balloon with a small note attached to it. The note can say something like, "Taking a ride to the North Pole today!"


Porky Penguin: The Place to Go for Elf on a Shelf Accessories 

At Porky Penguin, we understand the joy and wonder that this mischievous elf brings to families during this festive time. This year, we're excited to offer an array of delightful Elf on the Shelf accessories that will take your holiday magic to the next level. From personalised arrival postcards to whimsical props, we've got you covered for an unforgettable Elf on the Shelf experience.

Personalised Elf Arrival Postcard: A Magical Greeting

Amaze the little ones this year with our personalised Elf Arrival Postcard. Picture their eyes lighting up as they receive a special message from their chosen elf or elves. What makes it even more enchanting is that we change the postcard's wording every single year, ensuring a fresh and unique experience. This flat A5 card (larger than a standard postcard) is the perfect way to kick off your Elf on the Shelf journey.

Note: All our products are sent through the post in Porky Penguin branded white envelopes, adding an extra touch of holiday magic.

Elfagram Selfie Frame Prop: Capture Elfie's Adventures

Take your everyday elf game to new heights with our wooden Selfie Elfie Frame prop. Now, your Elf on the Shelf can join the world of social media! Encourage your child to follow the elf's adventures on Instagram @naughtynorthernelf and see what delightful escapades they get up to. This prop adds a fun and interactive element to the tradition, creating cherished memories for your family.

Everyday Elf Wooden Christmas Countdown Prop: Anticipation and Excitement

The holiday season is all about anticipation, and what better way to build excitement than with our wooden countdown calendar prop? Your child can mark off each day with a felt-tip marker or let the Elf do the honours on a nightly basis. It's a delightful way to engage your little ones and keep the magic of the season alive as they eagerly await Christmas Day.

So, this year, Porky Penguin is your one-stop shop for all things Elf on the Shelf. We are committed to helping you create cherished memories and traditions that your family will treasure for years to come. Get ready for a season of wonder and enchantment with Porky Penguin's Elf on the Shelf accessories!

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