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Hey you..... you're beautiful!
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Summer Holiday Activity Cards
Summer Holiday Activity Cards
Summer Holiday Activity Cards

Summer Holiday Activity Cards

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A set of 30 activity cards to help make the summer holidays a breeze!

Size A7 

Some cards include a QR code that leads you to interesting crafts and activities!

What do the cards say?

  • Write a letter to a family member and include a picture that you have drawn then head to the post office to post it to them.
  • Spend the day at your favourite park and see if you can find something that you haven't noticed before.
  • Make your own salt dough (QR CODE CARD)
  • Have a water fight and see how many friends and neighbours you can get involved
  • Make your own lunch and have a picnic in the garden! Try something you have not eaten before.
  • Make a tasty cornflake tart (QR CODE CARD)
  • Indoor scavenger hunt (TICK SHEET ACTIVITY)
  • Call one of your favourite family members and ask them five interesting questions.
  • Go through your toys and choose some that you do not use anymore to donate to charity.
  • Write a postcard to your best friend.
  • Make your own climbing rainbow (QR CODE CARD)
  • Choose your favourite teddy and organise a birthday party for them!
  • Make some musical instruments and make your own band! (QR CODE CARD)
  • Create a mini assault course in your garden and see how fast you can do it,
  • Find 8 things that begin with the first letter of your name (ACTIVITY CARD)
  • Make a dancing giraffe and then put on a show (QR CODE CARD)
  • Google some old historic photos of your town and see how much it has changed.
  • Make some fluffy slime (QR CODE CARD)
  • Write your own story and draw your own pictures to go with it.
  • Go on a walk and try and find a park that you have never visited before.
  • Make some instant vanilla ice cream (QR CODE CARD)
  • Visit your local library and choose some interesting books to take home.
  • Turn your living room into a cinema for the day and watch your favourite film! Don't forget popcorn!
  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Grow some sunflowers and see if you can grow one as high as the sky
  • Outdoor scavenger hunt (Tick box activity cards)
  • Learn a dance (QR CODE CARD)
  • Make a family time capsule and fill it with lots of photos and reminders of your favourite memories.
  • Go for a walk and collect some smooth stones! Then make an amazing photo holder! (QR CODE CARD)
  • Three things I love about ....... (ACTIVITY CARD)


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