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Halloween Hunt Clue Cards
Halloween Hunt Clue Cards

Halloween Hunt Clue Cards

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16 Halloween Clue Cards for a spooky hunt!

Clues are:-

  • Close your eyes and snuggle up tight, the next clue is hidden where you s____ at n_____
  • Halloween is a night to stay up late now run to the place where you clean your p____
  • On All Hallows’ Eve you might see a ghost! Go take a peek where you receive your p___
  • At Halloween time we put treats in our belly, why don’t you go look what’s behind the t____
  • It’s Halloween and things go boo…. Check out what’s hiding in your s___
  • Skeleton bones go clatter and clink… go see what’s hiding under the kitchen
  • Witches fly on a broom go find the next clue it’s hiding in your b______
  • These clues could be easy, these clues could be hard, but I will give you a
    little teaser, the next clue is in the f______
  • Some monsters are nice but some monsters are mean, go find your
    next clue in the room that keeps you clean.
  • If you see a vampire please don’t stare, your next spooky clue is under a c____
  • Skeletons like to read despite how they look, you might find the next clue, hiding inside your favourite book
  • It’s Halloween time, you might see a ghost, for your next clue go to where you make t____
  • A black c__ is a witches favourite pet, go to the place where you get your hair wet.
  • At Halloween time when it’s time for a treat, find your next clue where you sit down to ___
  • A haunted house is full of spooky sights, you’ll find the next clue where you brush your _____ at night!
  • Congratulations you have found your last clue! So here’s some spooky
    treats just for you!

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