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Easter Egg Hunt Clue Cards Pack Two
Easter Egg Hunt Clue Cards Pack Two

Easter Egg Hunt Clue Cards Pack Two

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These hunt cards are perfect if you ordered the pack last year and would like a new different pack this year.

15 clue cards with a front cover explanation card from the Easter Bunny.
A6 sized

Personalised postcard from the Easter Bunny available direct on our website here

Clues are:-

  • FRONT CARD - I've been to visit you today, I've dropped some eggs along the way... Follow the clues, you need to be wise, as every clue leads to a prize. Good Luck, The Easter Bunny
  • The scavenger hunt will lead you to a special Easter treat. This next clue can be found in something you wear on your feet.
  • Want your next clue? Here's where to look... Open a page in your favourite ____.
  • Yummy Easter treats are ready to be found. Look just outside the house, something could be lying on the ground.
  • Did you know I have a white tail? The next clue is hidden where you get your mail!
  • The next clue is hidden out of sight, go to the place where you sleep at _____
  • Great job so far, you are on the right path, now head to the place you take a ____.
  • If you were a clue, where would you hide? Check near a door that takes you _______.
  • I bet this hunt is making you think, if you would like your next clue head to the kitchen ____.
  • Let's keep going you're doing great. This next clue is a bit of a teaser, why not head over to the _______.
  • 5+5+_ go and take a look where you sit at dinner ____.
  • You're doing great look at you go. Go tale a look where you sit to watch your favourite ____.
  • I think you will agree, this treasure hunt rocks. Go take a look where you keep your _____.
  • I bet you can't wait for some treats in your belly, find your next clue behind your _____.
  • Off you go like a rocket, the next clue is hiding in a _____.
  • LAST CARD - Congratulations your search is done, I hope this Easter is an egg-cellent one!

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