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2018 Santa Letters

Santa letters already?! Yes you read that right! The 2018 Santa Letters are ready for sale!

For the 5th year running our Santa Letters are back!!! 

Porky Penguin is the only place you can purchase the ORIGINAL 'authentic letter from Santa' designed entirely by us! We do not sell our letters anywhere other than our own website.

Please read carefully before ordering!

Our magical luxury letters are printed onto handmade thick lokta paper complete with wax sealed envelope, embossed authenticity stamp and magic key for a truly authentic feel.

Each letter is prepared and posted so that it arrives on or around the 1st December (international up to the 10th December) in time for the exciting build up! Each letter has 3 personalized points that are chosen by you that the child should adhere to in order to remain on Santa's nice list. If the child does not follow the points within the letter, the magic key will magically disappear and land back on Santa's desk and if that happens Santa will then know to put your child on his naughty list!!

We have been told in previous years by customers that they were stunned at how well behaved their children were throughout December all because of this letter!


-- Important >> When you input the 3 points for the letter please make sure these are written as Santa would say them for example 'Keep your bedroom tidy' instead of 'Keep his/her bedroom tidy' we will put on your letter EXACTLY what you type

-- How much is postage? - Postage is 50p per letter please DO NOT select the £2 express shipping option as this is not available for this product

-- If you're ordering more items other than a Santa Letter please order it on a seperate order if possible, if just keeps things simple for us :)

-- The wording has been changed slightly within the letter so that if you ordered last year the letter will not be the same.

-- The delivery address we use to print on the envelope will be the address you input when asked for shipping details, we will use the name that you type during ordering on the envelope exactly as you write it, if you would like Master or Miss included please type this fully

-- Can I put more than one name on a letter? - Yes we have absolutely no problem with this but there will only be one key inside the letter and extra keys cannot be purchased

- - We can not guarantee that letters for siblings will arrive on the same day, once we pass to Royal Mail it is in their hands and sometimes letters for siblings can arrive a day apart.

 -- Please make sure you spell everything correctly as we will use exactly what is written on the order

-- Candy Cane not included - Magic Key may differ slightly in shape to image shown

-- International orders will be sent in an A4 board backed envelope so that the envelope is not filled with customs labels etc and will be sent in order to arrive before the 10th December

If you have any questions simply email us at santa@porkypenguin.co.uk

Porky Penguin Ltd Copyright © 2014





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