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Easter Egg Hunt Clue Cards Pack One
Easter Egg Hunt Clue Cards Pack One

Easter Egg Hunt Clue Cards Pack One

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These hunt cards are perfect if you have never ordered a hunt pack from us.

15 clue cards with a front cover explanation card from the Easter Bunny.
A6 sized

Personalised postcard from the Easter Bunny available direct on our website here

Clues are:-

  • FRONT CARD - I've been to visit you today, I've dropped some eggs along the way... Follow the clues, you need to be wise, as every clue leads to a prize. Good Luck, The Easter Bunny
  • Hurry now, off you must go, look in a coat pocket and don't be slow.
  • I have 4 legs to keep me stable, go and look under the ______
  • Tip toe tip toe, be quiet as a mouse, go to the coldest place in the house
  • This is thirsty work time for a drink, the next clue is somewhere near the ____
  • This clue is easy, just for you, go take a look inside a shoe!
  • Is that all of them? Oh no it's not, go to the place that gets your food hot!
  • The next clue is not far... go to a place where your socks are!
  • 2+2=____ look behind the front _____
  • Great work so far, but you've not done yet, the next clue is found where you get wet.
  • Slow right down, no need to rush, you'll find the next clue by your toothbrush.
  • This one will be easy to see, it's hidden behind your __
  • Another clue, you're doing great, head to where you find your pyjamas when it's getting late.
  • This clue is sent with Easter wishes, go take a look where you put your dirty dishes.
  • LAST CARD - Congratulations your search is done, I hope this Easter is an egg-cellent one!

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